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PFLAG Philadelphia is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. We are one of the oldest and largest chapters of PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), a national organization headquartered in Washington DC. PFLAG Philadelphia serves the whole Delaware Valley including southeast Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Northern Delaware.

As our name indicates, we are the parents, family and friends of people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. Everyone is invited to join us. Our members include parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, members of the LGBT community and their friends. We are open to all who believe in justice and equal rights for all.

We have a three prong mission. We offer support, education and advocacy.

We at PFLAG believe that everyone is on a journey to acceptance and beyond as far as the LGBT community is concerned. Even we who have been involved for a long time are constantly learning and growing. We accept you where you are and we promise to provide you with the support and education you need and want.

We offer support in many ways. First is our helpline, 215-572-1833. As long as there has been PFLAG Philadelphia there has been our helpline. Countless people made their first contact with us through the helpline. Even today people still come to our meetings telling of the help and counseling they received from the wonderful volunteers who man the phone. Next, there are small group discussions at all of our meetings. Time is set aside at every meeting for everyone to meet in a small circle and share their stories and discuss what is on their mind. Third, we have our email address, www.pflagphila@yahoo.com. People who write with a question receive an answer and links to where they can get more information. Lastly, our newest support tool is our listserv. This is a two way communication device where members can talk to each other, share information and keep up with the latest happenings. You can join by clicking the button on our home page.

Education is very important to us. We try very hard to present a program at every meeting from September through April. We bring in people working in the LGBT community. We have panels of people discussing an issue. Sometimes we have a movie or documentary that is particularly topical. Next, we have our Speakers Bureau. We send our members to colleges. universities, and schools, businesses and other LGBT groups to speak on topics of interest to those groups. Please let us know through our helpline or email if you would like us to come and speak to your group, school or organization. We will be happy to come. Another educational tool for us is our literature. Some is from PFLAG National. Copies of their publications are available on our Resource Page on this web site. You can download them to your computer. We also have some unique publications of our own, Read This Before Coming Out and Nurturing the Spirit. You can order these publications from our web site or come to a meeting, and we will be happy to give you any of the publications you might need.

Advocacy is becoming more important with every passing day. We have an advocacy table at every meeting. Our advocacy chair keeps us informed on what is happening in our State and National Capitals.

Every month we send out postcards to our elected representatives. Breaking Developments are shared on our listserv. We try to keep our membership informed on what is happening that can affect the lives of our LGBT loved ones.

PFLAG has a new program called Straight for Equality. We have come to the conclusion that if the LGBT community is to achieve full equal and human rights, we need the support of the straight community.

This is a justice issue. Justice for all citizens. To learn more go to www.straightforequality.org

This is who we are and what we do. We would love you to join with us.

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